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CEEMAN 2016 Events

Calendar of CEEMAN events for 2016


How South African countries can succeed in the rest of Africa

Prof Kayode Omoregie, who is a professor at the Lagos Business School (LBS) in Nigeria, shares some tips on how South African companies can succeed in doing business in other parts of Africa.


AABS Accreditation for African Business schools – Enhancing Quality Business and Management Education in Africa

The Association of African Business schools (AABS) will be launching an all- African accreditation that will enable African Business Schools to have a renewed focus on relevance to the African context and being more impactful in the operating environment. This focus will shape entrepreneurship and innovation for Africa’s future. 


International MBA groups gain local insights with Khayelitsha venture

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) annually takes visiting international MBA groups from other business schools to Khayelitsha and surrounds. The aim is for the groups to gain local insights as part of their international module.


L’IAM invente l’école de demain pour résoudre les grands défis de son continent

Les enjeux sociaux et environnementaux du 21ème siècle sont trop complexes et étendus pour être résolus par des acteurs isolés.  L’accès à l’eau potable, la revalorisation des déchets, les énergies vertes, la santé des populations, la place des femmes dans la société, la valorisation des produits agricoles locaux


Brenthurst Foundation Discussion Paper 1-16, Harnessing the Power of Africa's Swing States: The Catalytic Role of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa - Terence McNamee

International experiences suggest that if regional powers – what we characterise as ‘swing states’ – are successful they will usually generate political and economic benefits well beyond their borders. When swing states perform badly, the consequences of failures – economic turmoil, political instability, armed conflict – reverberate in the region and continent of which they form part in ways that similar failures in medium or small states typically do not. Africa as a whole is especially malleable to the influence – positive or negative – of swing states owing to the relative infancy of its nation-building processes.


Global Improvement Network Quality Improvement Initiative

AACSB International is pleased to announce in collaboration with our partner, GBSN - the Global Business School Network, the launch of the Global Improvement Network (GIN) Pilot Quality Improvement Initiative for African business schools.


AABS Agribusiness Monitoring and Evaluation Impact Report

Access the AAC Agribusiness Monitoring and Evaluation Impact Report 


Special discounts for African business schools from The Case Centre

Business schools across Africa are being invited to become member organisations of The Case Centre.  


What FIFA taught us: A lack of ethics will cost you

There is a need for a more values-driven leadership model in business worldwide, says a South African leadership expert, and the evolving FIFA scandal illustrates this only too well. 



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