AABS Partners

Who are AABS Partners?

AABS Partners:


Organisations with which AABS shares a formal relationship or project partnership

What do AABS Partners Believe and Contribute?


Act as a hub for sharing new ideas and developing best practices


Build and maintain valuable networks within the business school community


Identify common challenges and opportunities, find support and benchmark progress.

The Benefits of Being an AABS Partner

AABS Partners:


Partner with the largest community of Business Schools in Africa


Benefit from an extensive portfolio of networking opportunities through our conferences and events


Collaborate on projects and contribute to a better understanding of business education in your community

What is the Process of Becoming an AABS Partner?


For further information, please contact membership@aabschools.com

The EQUAL Network

The Association of African Business Schools has become the 22nd member to join the EQUAL Network. As the only African association in the group, AABS commits to sharing the best practices in business education in Africa globally.

EQUAL, a Global Forum:

European in origin, now global in its membership, since its foundation in 1996, EQUAL is a unique platform and think tank where national, regional, and international business school associations and quality assurance agencies work together to exchange views and insights into trends, developments and best practices in business and management education. EQUAL’s impact is ultimately geared towards all business schools’ stakeholders.

To fulfill its Mission:

The EQUAL network provides a global platform to produce, share, and disseminate best practices in business and management education through collaboration and networking of the board and institutional members’ activities.

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AABS EQUAL network 2022

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