The 4th Industrial Revolution and the pandemic have changed the way we work, live our lives and is bringing about a New Normal in Africa and across the globe. Education, however, will be the most important tool to equip us to mitigate the challenges we will face.


At the Association of African Business Schools (AABS), we understand this, and that is why we are taking the lead in transforming to the new normal by guiding African Business Schools, through a standardised accreditation programme, to become global players in business education.


Furthermore, through the AABS accreditation, Business Schools in Africa will focus on three key quality themes – Impact, Relevance and Sustainability – in order to change the perceived narrative of business education in Africa, from one of knowledge consumers to knowledge creators.

In light of this, AABS encourages you to join us on this journey and together, let’s be the catalyst for the change we want to see in Africa through education.

Prof Grafton Whyte – AABS Board Chairman

Namibia Business School, Namibia