The theme of my chairmanship will be collaboration; collaboration between AABS and its members, collaboration between AABS and its associates and partners, collaboration with the Board and Secretariat members, and finally collaboration with all the other stakeholders of AABS.


The theme of my chairmanship will be creating an ecosystem within which we all can contribute to the greatest strength of this Association. It is about connecting the dots. In 2011, I signed up for HEM BS to become an AABS School member; in 2013, right after we hosted at HEM Casablanca the AABS Connect annual conference for Deans and Directors, I was nominated to become an AABS Board member. Conference after conference, meeting after meeting, what I carry with me after five years as a Board member are some terrific memories of lasting friendships with colleagues from different schools in Africa. I hope that during my chairmanship, I could reinforce the existing friendships and multiply new ones.


At AABS, we need all the skills that are actually taught or should be taught in any Business School. We need innovation, creativity, critical thinking, competition, collaboration and communication. These will be the essential drivers of this organization going forward.

Dr. Ali Elquammah – AABS Board Chairman

HEM Business School, Morocco