Charter of the Association of African Business Schools


1.         Name

1.1      The name of the association is the Association of African Business Schools, (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).

1.2      The shortened name of the Association is AABS.

2.         Legal Personal

The Association will:

2.1       exist in its own right, separately from the members and with limited liability;

2.2       continue to exist even when the membership changes;

2.3       be able to own property and other possessions; and

2.4       be able to sue and be sued in its own name.

3.         Registered Office

The Association’s registered office will be located in 25 Fricker Road, Illovo, Sandton, 2196. It can be transferred to another location in one of the African countries by a decision of the Governing Board and a two-thirds majority vote of the Association’s members.

4.         Vision, Mission and Objectives

4.1     Through its Accreditation System, AABS ambitions to become the reference of Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration for its members, associates, and partners.

4.2      To encourage its members to contribute in helping Africa grow and become more inclusive through quality responsible business and management education.

4.3       The objectives of AABS are to:

  • Provide a means for engagement on matters of mutual interest related to business and management education in Africa;
  • Promote cooperation among business schools in curriculum and faculty development, research, and quality improvement by assisting in the development of teaching methodologies and research in the areas of business and management;
  • Promote dialogue and interaction between private- and public sector institutions and civil society;
  • Stimulate participation by business schools and faculty members in public discourse and policy formulation; and advocate for the role of business and the role of business schools; and
  • Promote high standards in management and business education through an AABS accreditation system.

5.         Powers of the Association

5.1       Subject to this Constitution and any applicable legislation, the Association:

  • Must only pursue activities that are aimed at fulfilling the Association’s objectives, as recorded in this Constitution;
  • Must assume the power and authority needed to achieve its objectives;
  • May amalgamate with other entities having objectives that are similar to the objectives of the Association;
  • Where appropriate, may nominate or elect persons to represent the Association’s interests;
  • Must only undertake activities that are lawful; and
  • To the extent that the Association has been approved by the South African Revenue services (“SARS”) for the purposes of section 10(1)(d)(iv) read together with section 30B of the South African Income Tax Act (Act No 58 of 1962) as amended (“the Act”), will conduct its activities and ensure that the affairs of the Association are managed in accordance with the provisions of section 30B of the Act, as set out in SECTION V Clause 20 of the Constitution.