AABS Accreditation Resources

AABS Accreditation Resources

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AABS Accreditation Application Form 2022


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AABS Accreditation Fees Structure 2023


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AABS Accreditation Handbook and Process Guidelines 2022


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AABS Accreditation Letter of Interest 2018


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AABS Accreditation Policies and Outlines 2018


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AABS Accreditation Standards and Criteria Guidelines 2018



What is the Association of African Business Schools (AABS)?

AABS is a non-profit organisation devoted to grow Africa through quality management education.

Whom do I contact for more information?

Interested institutions should contact AABS Accreditation office by sending an email to accreditation@aabschools.com

Do schools need to translate all documents into English?

Yes, all documents need to be written and presented in English.

How long do schools get accredited for?

AABS Accreditation is awarded for a maximum of five years.

How much does it cost to become AABS accredited?

Please refer to the AABS Accreditation Fees Structure found at www.aabschools.com

What is the Self-review Report (SRR)?

The SRR is what the institution produces using the AABS Accreditation Standards and Criteria Guidelines to become accredited. The report is between 100 to 150 pages in length (excluding annexes) and should cover all 11 standards.

What does AABS do?

AABS supports graduate business schools through capacity building, collaboration and quality improvement programmes for deans/directors and faculty from African Business Schools.

Who manages AABS?

AABS is led by a Chair who works with the Governing Board.

Where is AABS based?

The AABS head office is in South Africa, however, AABS has offices embedded in all regions across the continent (Egypt and Senegal).

Should my institution apply for AABS membership when interested in accreditation?
Yes, the accreditation process is only open to AABS members. For information on becoming a member, please send an email to membership@aabschools.com
How does our institution start the accreditation process?
Institutions interested to start the accreditation process should send a letter of interest via email to accreditation@aabschools.com. Further details on the format of the letter and content could be found under the accreditation tab at www.aabschools.com.
Does accreditation cover the whole institution or just the business school?
The AABS accreditation is designed to cover quality principles for the whole institution. We believe that a comprehensive management education starts not only in the classroom, but through the institutions’ relationship with corporate, partnerships with other education institution, its national influence, connecting with alumni, among others.
Does AABS accredit online programs? What are the criteria for these programs?
As long as they follow the same criteria as listed in standard 8, then yes, AABS accredits online programs. For more details, refer to the AABS Accreditation Standards and Criteria Guidelines.
Are business courses and degree programs taught in a language other than English included in scope?
Yes, the language of delivery typically does not influence the scope of the accreditation
Who is eligible to serve as an AABS mentor?
Serving or former dean/associate dean/equivalent from another school which is accredited by AABS or other international accreditation bodies, and which has a similar mission or offers some similar programmes with the school being accredited are eligible. The mentor may also be a professional/expert in the management education sector in Africa.
What is the general timeframe to complete the AABS accreditation process?
The time that is required to complete the AABS accreditation process depends on the accreditation sought and other factors. On an average, an institution with no prior accreditation experience can meet the requirements of AABS accreditation from two to three years.

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