Head of Research




Build a reputation for high quality and original research for Henley Africa that is based on results and output. The idea of research and support is not limited to the MBA but applies across all the operations of Henley Africa and will require motivating and engaging staff across Henley Africa, using personal influence rather than authority.

To provide high quality student academic research support through delivery of research-based modules,
training, coaching and supervision aimed at supporting students with dissertations and projects to ensure a quality finish and high success and completion rates. This is to include the development of a body of student research supporters for Henley Africa that as far as possible reach representative diversity targets while producing excellent outcomes.

To develop the academic research capacity of Henley Africa, thereby contributing to the academic and research growth of the school. To be done by undertaking research initiatives, building research capability and experience amongst Henley Africa staff (e.g. multiple authorships) and by building a body of academic researchers for Henley Africa that as far as possible reach representative diversity targets and Henley values fit, while producing excellent outcomes.

To build effective relationships with programme members, faculty and other key internal and external
stakeholders. A strong focus on customer quality service, support, leadership and communication is central to the role.

To support and represent Henley Africa’s values.

In all matters to work closely with Henley Africa’s academic director and dean, reporting fully, transparently and openly on progress, challenges, failures, work in progress and successes, and following the direction provided by them, whilst engaging with them in considered and high-level professional conversations to establish that direction.

Success in the role

1. Enhanced research capability within Henley Africa
2. A body of capable, methodologically diverse researchers and student research supporters that meet South
African diversity targets
3. Successful recognition of Henley Africa’s research capability in accreditations and associated evaluations
4. Research and development of a broad range of accepted case studies across a range of programmes
5. Research initiatives that place Henley Africa on a path to recognition as an international-level research
6. Supervisor acquisition is of a high quality and continuous monitoring and development of faculty
capabilities is evident
7. Collaborative research with Henley UK has been developed, in areas agreed with the dean and academic
director and with their prior approval
8. The reputation of Henley Africa and its operations and people has been raised with key stakeholders
Main duties and responsibilities
1. Build and maintain Henley Africa research capability.
2. Lead and guide research projects within the School.
3. Facilitation of MBA Research Skills and Dissertation workshops.
4. Supervise MBA dissertations/research projects.
5. Manage the MBA dissertation process, including providing guidance and support to students and other
6. Providing support workshops on research skills, academic writing, plagiarism, etc. for other postgraduate
7. Module convenor for the ‘Africa Rising’ elective module of the Henley MBA.

Research initiatives

• Establish and maintain a research capability for Henley Africa, including faculty and students in
partnership with others, i.e. dean, academic director, etc.
• Collaborate and conduct joint research with as many local Henley Africa faculty as possible, creating
multiple authorships to raise others’ research profiles, leading to published, co-authored articles and
papers, so building a research presence and capability within Henley Africa
• Build a research culture within the overall culture of Henley Africa
• Development of case studies across a range of programmes
• Develop a body of researchers / research support in the form of various materials (journals, papers,
videos, etc.)
• To do own research publications and encourage faculty to also publish own articles, journals, papers,


 Teaching and research supervision

• Provide academic support for research activities
• Lecture on the MBA and other programmes in research skills and facilitating additional workshops in
the MRC process
• Lecturing research modules (MRC) on the MBA
• Supervision of MBA and other dissertations/research projects in appropriate fields
• Maintain and improve the quality of research done by the MBA students through the MRC, by assisting
through teaching and consultation. Assist students with the interpretation of MRC feedback and
managing the MRC process form SA.
• Managing local supervisors on MRC
• To provide additional support and guidance to students on research
• To lecture the Africa Rising elective module on MBA
• To lecture short courses in research including Africa Rising


Other duties

The role is expected to evolve as the business grows and the head of research in Henley Africa would be
expected to carry out new duties in accordance with this, as directed by and in consultation with the academic and governance director and the dean.

Supervision received

This role reports to the academic and governance director, Henley Africa. The post holder will be expected to work independently, whilst coordinating with and reporting to the academic director. The post holder will lead the area of responsibility and be capable of managing the research to a high standard within agreed guidelines and to specific deadlines. The role will also sit on a research working group which will include the dean and other appropriate people, including a UK representative.

Supervision given

The post holder will manage faculty involved in the MBA programme and other postgraduate accredited
programmes in Henley Africa.



The post holder will have liaison within Henley Business School and Reading University including: senior academic and non-academic staff within Henley Business School, key alumni, various departments of Henley Business School and international associates, various departments of UOR, current students and/or programme members. These contacts and liaison to be done in close collaboration with and with the full prior knowledge and approval of the academic director and dean, Henley Africa. Externally the post holder will manage a range of relationships including clients and their participants, professional bodies, partner business schools, programme contributors and agents.

Terms and conditions

Required to work such hours as are necessary to carry out the duties associated with the post. Some evening and weekend working may be necessary in line with events and marketing activity etc.
This document outlines the duties required for the time being of the post to indicate the level of responsibility. It is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list and the line manager or dean may vary duties from time to time which do not change the general character of the job or the level of responsibility entailed.

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Head of Research

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Henley Business School



Job Type

This is a full time position

Desired education level

PhD in an appropriate discipline


R1.2Mil -R1.4Mil TCTC (inclusive of benefits)

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