Critical Success Factors for Internationalization in African Context

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Neeta Baporikar

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Background note

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Case 12/NB/HPGSB/2016/07/28

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Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP- GSB), Namibia


Internationalization is important due to global economics. Several countries started internationalisation, but not all are successful. This case is re critical success factors (CSFs) for internationalization in African context with new framework.




Africa, Competencies, CSFs, Globalization, Internationalization


Relevance of global economy is a fact. Internationalization is becoming significant. Many countries have started their internationalization process, but not all of them are successful. Thus, the core aim of this case study is identify the critical success factors (CSFs) in African context. Identified CSFs possibly will push the economies and firms to manoeuvre the process of internationalization in a speedier way. To enable thereby, a new framework is also proposed.