Culture – Learning – Development Nexus in Namibian Higher Education

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Neeta Baporikar

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Case 4/NB/HPGSB/2015/07/23

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Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP- GSB)


Higher education is undoubtedly a key sector for national development.The core of this case study is to enable understanding of Culture - Learning - Development Nexus in Namibian Higher Education.




Culture, Development, Higher Education, Learning, Namibia, Nexus


Significant body of literature suggests that different students have different styles of learning, in which they learn more effectively. Furthermore, the influence of cultural background on the way of thinking of individuals, and hence their learning style, has been widely reported. The combination of these two factors suggests potential difficulties in a number of fields like: mismatch between the teaching style of the teacher and the learning style of the student, teaching/learning methods, learning outcomes, design and implementation of educational policies leading to minimum or less than optimum development of capabilities and competencies of human resources. The aim of this case focusing on the higher education system in Namibia is to enhance understanding of Culture - Learning - Development Nexus in Higher Education. The case also intends to enable higher education system reckon differences in learning style due to cultural ethos and pave way for deliberations which would ultimately lead to improved and holistic educational policies. Moreover, Namibia Higher Education system considered can also illustrate a number of issues that may be relevant to developing countries in general.