eNaTIS: What Went Wrong?

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Stephanie Townsend; Louise Whittaker

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Wits Business School





Information technology


On 31 May 2007, Werner Koekemoer, project manager for the eNaTIS (a new national traffic information system) in the Department of Transport (DoT), and Johan Vorster, project director of Tasima (the consortium that had developed the system), met to reflect on the highly publicised failure of the new traffic information system on 12 April, just over a month before. Jeff Osborne, chief executive of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, had been particularly scathing. “Matters are in a state of chaos,” he had said. “The failure to register new and pre-owned vehicles has affected everybody’s cash flow. We have lost a billion rands and thousands of deals. The system is worse than the old one.” It had been a very stressful time. In view of the excellent transaction statistics for the month of May, they were inclined to believe that the system had experienced only “normal technical teething problems” during April. Yet, could it be that other factors contributed to the national crisis, they wondered? The lessons would be important for the roll-out of future similar government projects, and nothing could be taken for granted.