Entrepreneurship Development in Namibia

Author :

Neeta Baporikar

Pages :

19 pages

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Case 8/NB/HPGSB/2015/11/28

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Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP- GSB)


Namibia is a peaceful frontrunner economy of African region. With rising trends in entrepreneurship and emerging entrepreneurial activities, the core of this case is to provide insights into entrepreneurship and its development in Namibia.




Business, Development, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Namibia


Entrepreneurship has assumed tremendous importance for accelerating economic growth both in developed and developing countries (Baporikar, 2007, 2009). It promotes capital formation and creates wealth in country. Hence, entrepreneurship development is becoming a key policy matter for all economies. However, entrepreneurial intention is a function of entrepreneurial attitudes, which are in turn affected by many variables. In this scenario, Namibia a peaceful and frontrunner economy in African region, is no exception and is also eyeing towards more entrepreneurial activities. The government too is keen to facilitate entrepreneurship development. With this backdrop, the core of the case is to provide insights into entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship development in Namibia.