Honey Care Africa: A Tripartite Model For Sustainable Beekeeping

Author :

Oana Branzei, Michael Valente

Pages :

19 pages

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Ivey Publishing


Kenya;Tanzania, Small




Social Entrepreneurship; International Strategy; Competitive Advantage; Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship, General Management/Strategy, International, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting


The director and co-founder of Honey Care Africa (Honey Care) looks back over the six years of operations and describes the original business model and several sequential changes based on feedback from rural communities, partner organizations, and learning by doing through field operations. Increasing international recognition highlights the potential impact of the model on inspiring sustainable grassroots ventures in the agriculture sector in Kenya. For Tanzania and other developing countries, he ponders the potential opportunities and challenges in replicating the Honey Care model elsewhere. The case also tackles alternative routes for scaling up the model in East Africa. Students are presented with several specific challenges which illustrate the growing tension between Honey Care's original commitment to the farmers and its prospects for international take-off, and are asked to propose alternative model reconfigurations to resolve this tension.