Kulula.com: Now Anyone Can Fly

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Geoff Bick

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Teaching note

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Wits Business School





Low-cost airline industry, communication strategy, marketing strategy, market segmentation, target marketing, advertising agency involvement.


kulula.com was South Africa's first true low-frills airline and had managed to be profitable from day one. Its somewhat unconventional, but very funky communication strategy contributed hugely towards its successful performance. Advertising agency, morrisjones&co firmly believed that although its advertising campaign was risky, it might have been more risky if people did not notice it at all. They maintained that "if it was bold and in your face, it would stand out". And bold it certainly was with its bright green corporate colour and humorous outdoor banners which attracted more than they had bargained for. But would the marketing strategy still be appropriate as kulula.com became more established and the macro and competitive environment changed? This case is set in 2003.