Strategic Approach to Tourism Development: A Case of Namibia

Author :

Neeta Baporikar

Pages :

21 pages

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Case 3/NB/HPGSB/2015/06/10

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Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP- GSB)


Tourism is viewed as a propeller for economic and social development which also ensures holistic national growth. For more than a decade now, Namibia is also eye balling tourism sector for overall economic and social development.




Africa, Countries, Culture, Development, Economic, Growth, Namibia, Social, Strategic, Tourism


The importance of the tourism system for economic development in Namibia has been clearly acknowledged in the development strategies and plans. Despite this, there have been few detailed and comprehensive studies of the structure, dynamics and potential of tourism development. This makes it difficult in terms of understanding the need of strategic approach for tourism management. This case is about the need to adopt a strategic approach to tourism development in Namibia. Apart from providing the rationale for focus on tourism, whys and wherefores for developing tourism in Namibia, it also intends to provide all-inclusive picture of the tourism sector to inform future plans and policies. SWOT analysis will enable in better understanding of the requirements for successful policy development and implementation.