Tashas Franchising

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Peta Krost Maunder; Sid Cohn

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Wits Business School






service industry


It was a Saturday morning in April 2009 at Tashas at Atholl Square: the first Tashas that Natasha Sideris had opened, and her flagship store. As always, the restaurant was incredibly hectic. Sideris walked over to a table where one of the guests was complaining, and sought to smooth ruffled feathers. “We waited half an hour for a table, and then the waiter got some of our drinks orders wrong! That’s simply not acceptable!” Sideris apologised profusely, and gave drinks and dessert on the house to the party of four. This seemed to calm the customers down. But this complaint troubled Sideris, because it echoed similar incidents reported in the findings of recent customer service research at her restaurant. She knew she was doing something right – Tashas, a gourmet café franchise, had been a customer magnet since it opened in September 2005 – but she could not be complacent; particularly not now, as she was starting to expand the franchise. She wondered whether she had the right systems in place to ensure that her franchises offered the right level of service, and whether she was stretching herself and her recipe for restaurant success too thin.