The Phone Shop: Growth and the Entrepreneur – Part A + Part B

Author :

Clare Mitchell; Claire Beswick; David Zidel

Pages :

3 + 8

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Reference # :

WBS-2009-17 (a) (b)

Teaching Note :


Wits Business School






Finance, Entrepreneurship, Retail Industry, Growth, Strategy


(Part A) In August 2006, the lease on The Phone Shop – a business that the Brill family had run for the past 18 years – was up for renewal. In recent years, the shop had not performed well, but Eran Brill believed that because it had developed a strong brand over the years, there was potential to make it profitable once again. Still, a lot of people felt it was best simply to close the shop down. Brill wondered whether he should listen to this advice or to his own instincts, and if the latter, what he could do to turn the shop around. (Part B) In August 2009, Eran Brill, director of The Phone Shop (Pty) Ltd, a consumer electronic goods retailer, was about to renegotiate the lease on his Sandton City store. This event marked three years since he had taken over the store, at a time when it was struggling to make sales and to meet its debt obligations. Since then, he had managed to put The Phone Shop onto a much sounder financial footing, and he had opened two more stores. Looking ahead, he wondered whether he could improve on what he had achieved, in the next three years, particularly now that the recession had started to take hold.