The Saga of Prodigious Namibian Entrepreneur: Harold Pupkewitz

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Neeta Baporikar

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11 pages

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Background note

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Case 5/NB/HPGSB/2015/08/19

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Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP- GSB)


Namibia’s entrepreneurial DNA was stifled and shackled till 1990s. Yet Prodigious Namibian Entrepreneur, Harold Pupkewitz, loomed large for nearly five decades on Namibia’s business map. This case study is the saga of his entrepreneurial journey.




Development, Entrepreneur, Harold Pupkewitz, Namibia, Prodigious, Saga


The world’s history is replete with examples of how individuals invested – called ‘entrepreneurs’ or ‘entrepreneurial managers’ - can result in big pay offs. These individuals dare to dream, have vision, foresight and untiring energy to pursue their dreams. They have conviction to listen to their gut instincts and are fearless in taking risks, which, in some cases, were unfathomable at the outset. By this means, they opened up economies, built new lines of businesses and created non-existent size and scale. Namibia’s entrepreneurial DNA, so to speak, that was hostage to too many controls and shackled till the early 1990s is gradually being freed. The Saga of Prodigious Namibian Entrepreneur: Harold Pupkewitz is a case study, where the core is to outline the persona of a true Namibian entrepreneur who has loomed larger than life for more than five decades on the business map of Namibia.