The Turnaround of Kenya Wildlife Service

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Dr Freddie Acosta

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Strathmore Business School


Nairobi, Kenya




Strategy, Leadership, change Management, Organisational Development, Innovation


In September 2010, three months to the end of his 6 year contract as Managing Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Dr. Julius Kipng’etich was reminiscing how he got into this job. “My appointment was over the radio. It was the media who called to inform me that I had been appointed Managing Director of KWS. I had no clue what the organization did. However, I did not despair. I thought whoever made the appointment thought I could fix it. KWS had gone through a long period of bad press. When I came I had mixed feelings of what I was capable of doing but one thing I was clear about was that management challenges were not a problem to me.” He was contented and full of excitement with what KWS had achieved as he shared with joy yet another great milestone of achieving the highest revenue collection of over KES 9 billion before the end of the organization’s financial year. This was done through various initiatives and changes across the organization over his six-year tenure. He was happy that he has achieved his objectives and as he prepared to exit by the end of December 2010, he was concerned whether the achievements the organization had attained would hold and whether his successor would take the KWS a notch higher.