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About AABS Case Studies

Over 500 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database. The database shows the details of the case study and the abstract.  

How to order a Case Study

To order the case study you will need to contact the institution or case clearing house listed alongside the case study.

Fees will vary depending on the case, where it originated, what it is to be used for, the number of students using it and whether you are a member of that institution.

Each institution will be able to provide a guideline as to the costs involved.

Searching for a Case Study

All fields in the case studies are searchable. In order to seach the case studies you will need to type your keywords below. Click here for help with searching

20Twenty: alternative banking

When Saambou Bank collapsed on 9 February 2002, 20twenty, its newly formed on-line banking arm, had only been in operation for six months. During the six months however, 20twenty had managed to capture the hearts of 40,000 customers with its innovativ

Abbas Gullet: Three-fold Dilemma at Kenya Red Cross Society

On an early Thursday morning in February 2001, Abbas Gullet walked into his new office at Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) Headquaters in Nairobi. The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) seconded him to be the Secretary General of KRCS. His eye

Absa's Free Internet Access

In 2001, overall Internet access in South Africa was around two million and Absa, one of the major banking groups in South Africa, had an Internet banking client base of 153 000. In a move aimed at doubling this client base and changing the bank’s

Abu Yakubu

Abu Yakubu is a young man living with his older sister. His boss (a woman) asks him to prepare a report and allows him to set his own deadline. Rather than set a reasonable deadline, he sets a deadline to impress his boss. On realising his folly, rath

A Computer-Aided Disaster at London Ambulance Service

This case looks at the well-known failure of the computer-aided despatch system that the London Ambulance Service implemented in 1992. As the date for publication of the results of the enquiry into the incident approaches, John Wilby, former chief ex

Adcock Ingram: Decisions and Motives That Steer Acquisitions

The case sketches the story of a charismatic and ambitious young business leader who, through value-adding commercial transactions, has helped set a South African pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram, on a trajectory of growth. The case reader meets

Adenubi, So

This case is about a taxpayer who was a schoolteacher by profession, owned property and traded in textiles. He was assessed in respect of his profession, his rental income and his income in the textile trade. There was also an assessment in respect of

African Bank Investments Ltd: breaking through microfinance

By May 2007, African Bank Investments Limited (ABIL), under the leadership of Leon Kirkinis, had become one of the predominant players in the provision of financial credit services to the mass employed population of South Africa. Over the years, it ha

African Bank Investments Ltd - Breaking through Microfinance Frontiers

By May 2007, African Bank Investments Limited (ABIL) had, under the leadership of Leon Kirkinis, become one of the predominant players in the provision of financial credit services to the mass employed population of South Africa. Over the years it ha

African Tiger (A)

AWARD WINNING CASE - This case series won top prize in the 2010 Association of African Business Schools (AABS)/EMERALD case competition. In early 2005, South African company Tiger Wheels Limited (Tiger) had established a global footprint in the manufa

African Tiger (B)

AWARD WINNING CASE - This case series won top prize in the 2010 Association of African Business Schools (AABS)/EMERALD case competition. In January 2007, Tiger Wheels (Tiger) and ATS informed its lead banker in Germany that it was forecasting a breach

Aid, debt relief and trade: an agenda for fighting world poverty

At the 2005 Group of Eight summit, world leaders agreed to relieve the world's poorest countries' debt burden and double aid to Africa by 2010. The announcement raised questions whether debt relief would really help the poor. By examining past aid tre

Akin Akinyemi

This case tells of a young manager's career move to another organisation, the reasons for his decision, his first days at work and the difficulties he encountered in an organisational culture not in harmony with his personal values. The objective is t

Altis Biologics: From Labs to Riches?

Doctor Nicolaas Duneas was in a quandary: as he sat in his dishevelled office at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), he pondered the future of his company Altis Biologics. Founded in 2002, Altis was a small biotechnology company specialising i

Altis Biologics: From Labs to Riches? Update

In January 2017, Dr Nicolaas Duneas, founder and chief executive officer of Altis Biologics – a small, South African-based biotechnology company specialising in bone regeneration – was beginning to wonder whether he had chosen the right strategy f

Alusaf hillside project

The aluminum industry has suffered from long periods of depressed prices and profits interspersed with relatively short-lived price and profit peaks. The case investigates why, this has occured, focusing on the decision Alusaf must make on whether to


A young lawyer faces lots of difficulties at every step of the procedure to incorporate a company for his clients. As he kept a mental debate on the payments he has been obliged to make, he asks himself: Is there really a clear-cut line between briber


Amanda's was a subsidiary of Sylvester Investments and involved in the trading of clothes for the fashion-conscious lady executives in Nigeria. In May 2003, Amanda's was faced with the challenges of responding to the faking of their star brand of hand

Amanz’abantu: Water for the People

Under Ive’s leadership, the Amanz’abantu Consortium became a model of integrated water service delivery to the rural poor however, government recognized a need for accelerated delivery. One responsive approach was to award a Build, Operate, Train


This case analyses the growth of Amazon.com from 1994 to 1999. It provides an ideal case on emerging e-commerce strategies and strategic thinking because of its first mover development and prominence, its accelerated growth and its recent and rapid em

A Model of Clean Energy Entrepreneurship in Africa: E+Co's Path to Scale

The founder and executive director of E+Co faces the challenge of ten-fold growth and reviews the core parts of the company's innovative business model, the changes in the energy markets around the world, and the rationale for local solutions to energ

Andbeyond: From Africa to India and Beyond

Steven Fitzgerald looks relaxed as he arrives home from his fourth trip to South America this month. The chief executive officer of Andbeyond (originally Conservation Corporation Africa), a leader in luxury ecotourism, is taking his company to new cli

A new city charter for Addis Ababa

The case discusses the introduction of the city charter in the Municipality of Addis Ababa. The experience considers both the design issues of a city charter and the dynamics of the innovation it can determine. The implications in terms of governance,



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AABS Case Studies

Over 500 African case study abstracts are listed in the AABS case study database.

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