Programme Differentiation – How business schools can leverage the Continuous Impact Model to stand out

How Business Schools Can Leverage the Continuous Impact Model to Stand Out

AABS AMBA Webinar | Programme Differentiation

Join AMBA & BGA on a webinar where Victor Hedenberg, Membership Director of AMBA & BGA, explains how business schools can differentiate their programmes and activities by utilising the Continuous Impact Model (CIM). The webinar will address why business schools should consider this approach and will provide a number of case studies from schools that have achieved BGA accreditation to offer competitive and international programs.


Victor Hedenberg is the Business Development Manager for the Business Graduates Association at AMBA & BGA, with responsibilities lying in growing the BGA network, improving the membership and accreditation services, and management of BGA-related projects.

Victor joined AMBA & BGA in 2016 and has since focused on the AMBA Development Network (ADN), a platform for institutions seeking AMBA accreditation support, as well as informing the development of the current BGA service and accreditation offering, together with the AMBA & BGA accreditation team. 

He has travelled extensively around the world to meet Business Schools and their senior teams to establish realistic roadmaps for the achievement of BGA accreditation, as well as presenting at industry-related events.

Victor is a Swedish national educated at Hillsdale College in the United States. He holds a degree in economics and business administration. 

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Programme Differentiation

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
How Business Schools Can Leverage the Continuous Impact Model to Stand Out
Join AMBA & BGA's webinar on utilizing the Continuous Impact Model (CIM) to differentiate business school programs and activities . The webinar will feature Victor Hedenberg, Membership Director of AMBA & BGA, and provide case studies from BGA-accredited schools offering competitive and international programs. Find out why this approach is worth considering for business schools.
Victor Hedenberg
Victor Hedenberg
Victor Hedenberg
Business Development Manager, Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA)


Apr 12 2023


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

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