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Ecole supérieure de management de Kinshasa

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
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Our Business school trains students in management and issues bachelor’s degrees (LMD system). Three areas of studies are offered to students: business administration, banking and insurance, supply chain management and commercial management and distribution. Our mission is to provide in Kinshasa trainings at international standard levels and to meet the skills needed by Congolese companies. Our mission is also to increase the employability of young graduates by offering our students seven months of alternating internships during their three-year program. The majority of our teaching staff comes from the business world. In the short-term, we have the ambition to offer Masters and the DBA.


Ecole supérieure de management de Kinshasa


Democratic Republic of Congo


31 Allée Verte, quartier Joli-Parc, Kinshasa-Ngaliema