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MCI | The Entrepreneurial University®


Main Information

MCI follows the concept of an Entrepreneurial School®. MCI empowers motivated people to achieve outstanding performance, provides profound academic competence and creates innovative know how transfer within a strong international network.

Quality teaching

High quality teaching secures our position among the leading academic institutions in the German speaking world

 Intellectual contribution, transfer of know-how & start-ups

Our intellectual contribution is applied, business-relevant and solution-oriented. The transfer of know-how strengthens the location and the competitiveness of companies.

International orientation

Our strong international orientation generates know-how, prestige and added value for our customers

Customer and service orientation

Our customer and service orientation is exemplary

People and culture

Our corporate culture thrives on mutual trust, diversity, commitment of our employees, entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility towards society

Responsibility and Sustainability

We are committed to the responsible use of resources. Our activities contribute to a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable future.


MCI’s brand is internationally renowned and stands for performance, professionality, knowledge and competence


Our international network creates a competitive edge and added value for our stakeholders


Ongoing innovation forms the basis of our market position and ensures our competitiveness


Our excellent infrastructure creates an attractive and stimulating environment


MCI | The Entrepreneurial University®




Universitaetsstr. 15, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria