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Peregrine Global Services started as a dream to change the world. It began with the discovery that organizations of all kinds were in need of quality leadership training. In response, two friends came together and leveraged their leadership experience to form the Peregrine Leadership Institute.


The Peregrine team rapidly grew, gained a global reach, and soon made another discovery. Higher education needed flexible tools for quality assurance and accreditation activities. It was that discovery that led to the creation of Peregrine Academic Services.


For nearly 20 years, the Peregrine team has developed and provided high-quality, comprehensive solutions for higher education, industry, and individuals. The companies created to address challenges and impact the world have merged into one organization, Peregrine Global Services.


Every day, the Peregrine team provides solutions, whether it be higher education services, leadership and professional development, academic and leadership publications, or the Peregrine Global Foundation’s social impact.


Peregrine Global Services




640 N. Hwy 14-16 Gillette WY 82716