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Aboubacar SĂ©dikhe SY

CEO of Supdeco Dakar Group

The experience of the Supdeco Group reinforces me every day in our primary conviction, that it is absolutely possible to train, right here in Africa, high-calibre managers for our companies, whatever their size and sector.

The stakes are high, because the new paradigms of development and economic growth require, admittedly, a massive influx of foreign private capital into our countries. But in my opinion, they cannot ignore an "indigenous" managerial knowledge, armed with the best techniques of the moment and endowed with a wide open-mindedness.

Thus, within the Supdeco Group,we strive to always cultivate this duality a priori contradictory, summed up on the one hand, in a consideration of our socio-economic realities and on the other, by a permanent capture of signals emitted from "elsewhere".

In any case, the future belongs to those who know how to show intelligent and resolute ambition, unsty anticipation but above all sustained will. This is the path we have taken and we invite our partners to join us:
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