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UNIZIK Business School


Vision, Mission & Philosophy

UNIZIK Business School (UBS) is a management, business and leadership training institution that is committed to imparting relevant knowledge that will create new industrialists, business persons, leaders, high level professionals and entrepreneurs that are driven by integrity and the highest ethical standards in their vocations.

The vision of UBS is to create an institutional platform that will serve as a stock of knowledge, and global reference point in management, business and leadership training. To develop a model institution with a strong faculty and cutting edge facilities, whose products shall not only be employers of labour and creators of wealth, but champion the industrialisation of Africa.

    To provide centrally coordinated interdisciplinary Post Graduate Degree/Certificate Programmes in Management, Public Administration and allied disciplines with in-depth academic content and practical orientation.
  • To engage in inter-disciplinary research designed to find effective solutions to emerging issues and problems in management and leadership in both the private and public sectors of the national and global economies.
  • To provide opportunity for company executives and middle level/senior managers in industry to improve and update their knowledge.
  • To provide technical assistance and support to traders, informal sector operators and participants.
  • To develop locally based case study materials that will address the business problems in our environment.
  • To develop various resources for research reportage via books, journals, occasional papers, conference proceedings and social media.

To engage with industry and develop a new generation of industrialists, skilled business men and women that shall be catalysts for innovation and creators of wealth.