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USIU-Africa Chandaria School of Business


Dean’s Message

Welcome to academic excellence and rigor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. As the oldest School at USIU-Africa, we have an illustrious history of being at the global forefront of teaching, research and community engagement, the three core-mandates of premier universities.

The well thought out Departments in the School - Sociology and Criminal Justice, International Relations, Psychology, Languages and Literature - offer relevant and cutting-edge programs that will equip our graduates with an education that will certainly take them places.

The School offers 11 market-driven programs at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels which are tailored to ensure the educational experience for all members of the School is not only stimulating but also relevant and industry-driven.

Our members of faculty are accomplished scholars and researchers in their own right, distinguished for their academic and research standing. They are careful to ensure that every program integrates both theory and practice, to exhaustively prepare graduates for each industry they join.

We not only do our best to utilize innovative approaches to teaching, but we also apply cutting-edge technology in our pedagogy and andragogy, as we lead our students to greater heights of research and discovery of knowledge.

The School plans to increase the number of degree programs offered across the various degree levels and improve on student and faculty engagement in research. This will be achieved by hiring qualified faculty through rigorous advertisements and recruitment drives; completion of the new SHSS building which is equipped with state-of-the-art labs and moot courts that will help in the delivery of quality education.

In addition to this, various program improvement plans recommended in the program assessment and reviews will be implemented to improve on quality delivery of the existing programs. Further, the School endeavors to continue having vibrant partnerships with like-minded institutions – nationally and internationally - to collaborate in research, community service and in benchmarking best practices in teaching and learning.

To prospective students and faculty, once you check out our programs, browse our faculty profiles, review our research articles or connect with our alumni, I hope you join us.