4 reasons to attend AABS Connect Annual Conference 2021

Hosted by the Association of African Business Schools, the AABS Connect Annual Conference is designed to improve collaboration, encourage meaningful connections within the business education area and empower business schools to accelerate and maximize their impact in Africa.

Our past conferences have brought together business education professionals, entrepreneurs, and various industry leaders to take part in game-changing discussions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision was taken to share the Connect experience—the learnings, networking, and exchange of ideas)—with more business education professionals by taking our event virtual.

From June 22 to 25, 2021 AABS, along with four member schools: BEM Dakar, IAM, ISM and Supdeco, will host a three-day online experience that will connect participants in a fresh way, allowing them to learn, share, and interact virtually.

While we will miss being together in person, we are thrilled to take on this exciting challenge of offering a virtual conference experience and fostering meaningful connections, all from your own living rooms or office spaces.

Here are our top four reasons why you should attend the 2021 AABS Connect Virtual Conference.

  1. Network with others in your field.

AABS Connect is, first and foremost, an opportunity to network with professionals in your field. As business education professionals, having a global network can help in many ways, from research collaboration to peer mobility.

  1. Get involved in high-level academic interaction.  

The sessions will allow you to discuss with like-minded people that will challenge your ideas through high-spirited debates.

  1. Use the opportunity to form meaningful connections. 

Virtual doesn’t mean isolated. Connect was built on the belief that growth happens when we connect, support, and inspire each other. Since we can’t get together in person this year, we are bringing you virtual networking opportunities. Attendees will have the occasion to participate in one-on-one and group discussions around topics of interest, learn from leaders in the business education space, and connect with the people In the AABS network and the conference speakers via live chat rooms and video.

  1. Involve your entire team in the action. 

In-person conferences are important settings for learning and professional development, but we understand travel expenses add up and it can be tough to take more than a couple of team members out of the office. With a virtual conference experience, anyone on your team can tune in from wherever they are.