[CEEMAN] EdTech 2021 – Beyond the Pandemic Emergency

EdTech seminar is intended to help faculty members raise the quality of their online teaching performance, as well as improve student experience and learning outcomes in online or hybrid environment.

As the pandemic restrictions around the world continue into spring 2021, universities expect online teaching to remain in place in the short term, with hopes that mass vaccinations will enable a return to campus teaching by September. Uncertainty remains as to the overall levels of population immunity, future mutations of the coronavirus, and potential further risks of infection and illness. What is certain however, is that regardless of the evolution of the pandemic, universities will have to evaluate the lasting effects of digital transformation in teaching and learning. Therefore, a number of short-term and medium-term challenges arise for faculty.

In the short term, academics are still facing the challenge of transitioning even more courses to online delivery and further improving teaching performance, learning effectiveness, and student satisfaction. Not all courses are the same and not all courses pose the same challenges when it comes to online delivery. Therefore, the discussion around the adaptations of a variety of teaching methods for online delivery remains as prescient in the coming months as ever.

In the medium term, teaching in the Fall of 2021 will not be the same as in 2019. First, because infection risks are likely to linger, with some students having to shield at home but still expecting to attend classes online. Second and much more importantly, students will be thrilled to return to campus but will also expect to keep benefiting from the convenience and other advantages of online learning to which they have become so accustomed over the past year. For academics, the challenge is to prepare for hybrid teaching methods combining the power of physical co-presence with the flexibility of online tools. For example, students will expect their campus experience to involve compelling and irreplaceable social learning while preferring digital channels for more efficient content consumption.

At CEEMAN we constantly monitor the dynamic evolution of teaching needs and best practices from one semester to the next and adapt the EdTech seminar accordingly. Therefore, the Spring EdTech seminar will not be a replay of the Fall 2020 edition (you can read about it here) but a revamped program targeting specifically the current challenges and those immediately ahead of us. What remains constant is the program’s focus on interactivity and co-creation, and practical hands-on format with tangible and immediate application.

EdTech Spring 2021 edition will take place online, over three sessions spanning three weeks (17, 24, and 31 March), allowing participants to combine it with their primary work responsibilities and providing sufficient time between the sessions for reflection and (short) assignments.

What makes EdTech unique?

  • High degree of customization and flexibility responding to specific participant needs and challenges
  • Continuously shifting gears from general discussions to specific problem solving
  • Focus on interactivity and co-creation
  • High degree of participation and contribution to class and small group discussions is expected from all participants (this is NOT “another webinar”!)
  • Certificate of completion adding points towards professional development (equivalent of XX ECTS, eligible for Erasmus staff mobility/training)
  • Positive and supportive learning environment
  • Award-winning online learning platform
  • EdTech faculty team fully engaged throughout the program, complementing each other’s experience and being accessible for individual advice
  • Highly professional and friendly support of the CEEMAN team – we are here for YOU!

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