Groupe Supdeco International Scientific Colloquium – CALL FOR PAPERS

The Groupe Supdeco Dakar is pleased to announce the second edition of the International Scientific Colloquium (COSIS) on 1 & 2 July 2020 under the the- me «Management, governance and organizational performance in developing countries: innovations and prospects». This event is a continuation of the first edition of the COSIS held in March 2019, and which focused on the manage- ment of organizations in Africa in the 21st century. It extends the reflection to all the developing countries and proposes to identify innovations and prospects in the field of management, governance and organizational performance in these countries. 

The Groupe Supdeco Dakar, which is one of the leading institutions in private hi- gher education in Senegal, has enabled thousands of students to benefit from a framework that fosters success, leading to well-known and recognized degrees in Senegal and internationally. 

The Groupe Supdeco Dakar, which is firmly focused on developing and impro- ving the conditions for scientific research in Senegal, continues to be a pioneer by being one of the few Senegalese business schools offering doctoral training and organizing an international colloquium in collaboration with the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (UCAD). 

Supdeco doctoral program offers two paths: a doctorate in management sciences from the University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) and a Supdeco Phd de- gree in management sciences and/or in economics. The thesis are prepared as part of the Supdeco doctoral program and supervised by research professors qualified to supervise research (HDR) and University Professors (PR), who re- gularly conduct research training seminars. The PhD students are part of the FOCS-Supdeco research team, hosted by Supdeco. It is affiliated with the FOCS research laboratory (Finance, Organization, Accounting, Control and Strategy) of the Doctoral School of Legal, Political, Economic and Management Sciences (ED-JPEG) at UCAD.