Harvard BS Africa Business Conference 2020

The Africa Business Club at Harvard Business School, is organizing this year the 22nd Annual Africa Business Conference, in Boston.

This year’s theme is “Africa 2020 + 20”: We need a clear vision for Africa that will crystalize where we want to see it in 20 years’ time. What resources and capabilities we need to harness to make that vision a reality?

This exercise will necessitate a deep understanding of where we stand right now and where we want to go 20 years from now.  We must be very aware of our current potential and limits. We should assess the challenges we are currently facing (i.e. lack of infrastructure, underdeveloped finance systems, unequal distribution of wealth, lack of access to electricity), and the future ones (i.e. extreme weather conditions due to global warming, food insecurity, as well as droughts and water scarcity). We must get a precise sense of our real advantages and opportunities (i.e. a rapidly growing young population, abundant and untapped natural resources, and the penetration of digital technology in African economies)

The African Business Conference organized at Harvard BS will bring together over 1300 from across the African continent and diaspora: students, professionals, officials, executives, creators, thought leaders, and all inventive minds in between.

To help stimulate the dialogue, a set of panels and discussions will provide the present participants with ideas on the direct role we, Africans, can play in developing the futuristic narrative we see for the continent.

Dr. Ali Elquammah, Director at HEM will represent the Association of African Business School (AABS) as its Chairman during this event.