[HEM Business School] Economia-HEM Research Center shares an inspiring e-book about Youth

We, at HEM, are very pleased to share with the African community the first volume in a new series of publications from our Research Center Economia. After having published The “Economia Research Magazine” at regular intervals for a long time, initially in paper format and then online, we have evolved, taking into account the rich range of our various research outputs, towards an annual edition, henceforth called “Economia Book”.

While increasing the demand for quality, eligibility criteria and the scientific and editorial validation process, this annual publication allows us to highlight, each time, a research theme on which we have accumulated enough intuitions, fields, analyzes and lessons. A theme that we consider strategic not only for the research community, but also for decision-makers, public and private, for civil society and the national and international donors who support us.

Understanding the social, economic, cultural, and political dynamics of young Moroccans has imposed itself on us as a duty. Indeed, in addition to the interest that we have as a higher education institution in the sociology of young people and in the behavior of the new generations, we have been engaged, for more than seven years, in a series of research on young people, framed from a conceptual point of view by researchers who are members of the Fatéma Mernissi Chair and relayed by other colleagues from the Corporate Social Innovations Chair on issues related to employability and entrepreneurship.

It started with the SAHWA project, started in 2014 and dedicated to multidimensional research on young people in five southern Mediterranean countries, including Morocco, which we led. In parallel, in 2015, following the publication of our white paper on Leadership in Moroccan organizations, we launched the support program for young leaders called Ra’ed. In 2018, we were, along with other Moroccan, Tunisian and European public partners, the spearheads of the Saleem project, on student entrepreneurship. That same year, with the support of UNESCO, we started the support program for young artists and researchers, called Houdoud. The following year, we started, in close collaboration with the University of Tampere in Finland, the "What works" project on youth entrepreneurship. And at the same time, we have undertaken, in partnership with the National Human Development Observatory, a cross-sectional study on young people in connection with public policies. All of this work, combined with the richness of the network of researchers, associates, affiliates or in contact with Economia, HEM Research Center, encouraged us to design this publication which, we hope, will allow different actors, belonging to the academic, civic, political, and economic circles, to find relevant data and read illuminating analyzes.


Download the book here!