[Henley Business School] SME Sessions Africa – Partnership Invitation

Henley Business School invites you to partner with fellow business schools in Africa to deliver the #SMESessions Africa: Survival and Digital Transition in Tough Times webinar series. The concept is a free online workshop series designed to help small and medium businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to think about the survival and the digitisation of their businesses in the challenging social and economic reality that we presently find ourselves in.

As business schools, serving businesses is at the heart of our existence and there is an urgency to find innovative and collaborative ways of doing this more effectively at this unusual time. We want to make a difference to a Pan African audience and do it together with new friends and partners in the African business school community.

By standing together to deliver these online workshops, we hope to show unity amongst business schools in a time when it is needed and offer inspiration and ideas where they are most needed. This is why we would like to partner with you, and with other business schools on our continent in making this potentially huge positive impact on African businesses a reality.

All sessions will be informative, practical and interactive conversations with business and thought leaders from across our continent.

Should you be interested in partnering with Henley Business School in South Africa, please contact Mamodise Mailula at mamodisem@henleysa.ac.za, by no later than Thursday 11 June for further details.