[Henley Business School UK] Introducing powerful 6 day learning programme”Fashion Futures”

Introducing powerful 6 day learning programme by Henley Business School – Centre for EntrepreneurshipParsons School of Design – Design & Technology Program and Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL), 

2020’s most exciting business collaboration brings a wealth of expertise in entrepreneurship, sustainable design, wearable technology, agility and value creation. The unique combination of a British Business School, American Design School and a Global Fashion Platform will allow participants to gain a holistic education of the future of the fashion industry. From wearable tech, to value creation, sustainability and more, this course will help you become future ready, whatever it may bring.

Henley Business School are happy to share that we have launched the first iteration of an online learning program designed for West Africa. This is a collaboration between Henley Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, Africa Fashion Week London and the Parsons School of Design and Technology, Design and Technology Program, in New York City.  is aimed at building expertise in the future of business for Fashion entrepreneurs. We start on June 29, with Dr Adeyinka Adewale managing the Henley curriculum and delivery, and Christopher Kirwan representing Parsons.

This short course, with real time virtual delivery, is a prototype that we plan to customise and transfer across other sectors.

More information can be found here: https://www.africafashionweeklondonuk.com/online-courses

Watch our open day webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtgqZ2x6wp8&