Message from the JBS Senior Director, Professor Lyal White

The global business environment is undergoing a dramatic change. Geopolitics and global development disparities aside, on-going technological advancements, widespread innovations and the Fourth Industrial Revolution bring with them increasing competition, shifting customer tastes, globalised markets and changing demographic trends. These are drastically altering how companies operate, not to mention the role of managers and leaders in society, across every region and industry around the world.

In this new era of complexity and uncertainty, bold, innovative and visionary leadership is essential. Nowhere is this more relevant than in Africa. This requires a fresh and innovative approach to business. While the rest of the world is home to aging populations, over 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 30, and the continent’s population of 1.2 billion people is set to double by 2050. Nearly 50% of Africans live in cities, seeking housing, jobs and opportunities. Thriving in these markets requires contextually intelligent leaders who are mindful of socio-economic dynamics and cultural diversity. Successful management has stretched well beyond conventional business acumen.



With a clear focus on African management and leadership in the global environment of business, purpose-driven values and principles are at the core of Johannesburg Business School’s (JBS) teaching, learning and research.

As the largest business school in Africa, with over 6000 students and more than 100 full time faculty, and part of the College of Business and Economics (CBE), the JBS champions interdisciplinary learning and outputs, comprising four long-standing departments with a global stature including:

  • The Department of Business Management;
  • The Department of Finance and Investment Management;
  • The Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management (IPPM);
  • The Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management.


In addition to this, geared toward applied research and practical learning, the JBS’ four centres of excellence include:

  • The Centre for Entrepreneurship;
  • The Centre for Work Performance in IPPM;
  • The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (Africa) in the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management;
  • The Centre for African Business (CAB).

The JBS offers a rich portfolio of executive programmes, and will be launching a flagship MBA. Innovative approaches to learning will include online programmes, blended learning and unique contact programmes with delegates and partners from across the continent and from around the world.

Committed to developing leaders and organisations with purpose and impact, the JBS has a Pan-African focus, delivering world-class management education with a global stature. This is underpinned by strong international networks, in a richly diverse context.

Through management and leadership development, the JBS seeks to make a substantial contribution to institutions and governance in South Africa, Africa and beyond.

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