RU Business School affiliates with association for African business schools

The Rhodes Business School is now a proud member of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS), an association of leading business schools throughout the African Continent, established in 2005.

The association’s aim is to support graduate business schools through capacity building, collaboration and quality improvement programmes for deans, directors and faculties from African Business Schools.

The Rhodes Business School remains committed to the wider transformation agenda of the higher education sector by collaborating with an institution that allows it to be part of a network of African business schools where knowledge and experiences can be shared.

This membership, therefore, contributes to advancing management education in the continent, especially within the context of responsible leadership and sustainability. This is consistent with the essence of Rhodes Business School- ‘Leadership for Sustainability’.

“In joining AABS, Rhodes Business School is in line with Rhodes University’s vision to be an internationally recognised institution that is true to its African identity. We are certain the partnership will yield positive results for all the stakeholders involved,” said Professor Owen Skae, Director for the Rhodes Business School.