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An Overview of Kenyatta University School of Business

Publish date:2017-05-29
The Kenyatta University School of Business was established as the Faculty of Commerce in 1988 offering the Bachelor of Commerce programme. Over the years, other programmes have been introduced including various Masters and PhD programmes. In May 2017 the school will launch the Bachelor of Human Resource Management programme.



Why educational institutions need customer service excellence

Publish date:2017-05-29
The educational sector is an industry where customer service is incredibly important but often not given much attention. There are multiple ‘customers’ to take care of in educational environments; schools, colleges and other educational spots. These customers include students, parents, sponsors, the community, and even taxpayers. 



Africa is calling! - Nada Biaz, Groupe ISCAE

For Event: AABS Connect Conference 2017 2017-05-14
Publish date:2017-05-12

The growing needs in Africa in terms of economic and social development are one of the main challenges that our nations are facing on a regular basis. Likewise, meeting the predicaments requires a new level of understanding, and education in this regard is considered as a consistent impetus.

For many decades, this fact was highlighted and not further detailed. Our continent has suffered from misconception and de facto the business model has failed to absorb shocks and systemic instabilities.



The Precariat: Leadership in Precarious Times by Jon Foster-Pedley

Publish date:2017-05-08

The precariat is a new social class being formed by people who have an existence without predictability or security. This is the phenomenon that fuelled Trump’s success and drove Brexit and a global phenomenon. It demands that we all think in new ways about how we work and lead. 



South African Journal of Labour Relations  - Call for Papers

Publish date:2017-05-08
The South African Journal of Labour Relations is a scientific research journal published by the School of Management Sciences and the Graduate School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa. It was first published in 1977. As a fully independent refereed publication, accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and supported by an international Editorial Board, it aims to enhance scholarly research and debate in the field of employment relations management.



African Business Schools as Advocates for Better Business – Dr Ali Elquammah, HEM Business School

For Event: AABS Connect Conference 2017 2017-05-14
Publish date:2017-05-01
Africa is the world's youngest continent, as the proportion of youth among the region's total popoulation is higher than in any other continent. It has the fastest-growing and most youthful population in the world where 60% of it is under the age of 24. These statistics present a serious challenge (or may be real opportunities). The question is: Can African Higher Education Institutions including business schools seize the opportunities being presented to them and try to have an impact by giving good quality and pertinent training programs?



The Rise of the PhD in Africa

Publish date:2017-05-01

The PhD was once the domain of a relatively small body of research academics. Now, the ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ has increased significantly in uptake and importance, receiving unprecedented levels of attention in the media and government education policy papers.

This heightened attention to the doctorate is linked to an increasing awareness, globally, of the importance of higher education in the knowledge economy, particularly with regard to high-level skills.  



ESCA Ecole de Management joined the QTEM as the first member in Africa

Publish date:2017-05-01

In response to a growing and immediate need for skills in analytical and quantitative techniques, leading business schools and universities around the world initiated the Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management “QTEM” network bringing together outstanding students, Academic Partners and International Corporations.  



Call for Papers: 2017 International Conference On Transforming and Growing Economies Through Sustainable Business Innovation

Publish date:2017-04-28

The Faculty of Business at the University of Botswana invites you to its 4th Biennial Conference themed: Sustainable Business Innovation – the key to Transformed and Growing    Economies.

Conference webisite:


Conference Aims: 

The 11th to 13th July 2017 conference will afford paper presenters and participants the opportunity to share research findings, methodological approaches creating a stimulating environment for discourse among academia, practitioners, researchers and industry players. It will further facilitate the establishment of meaningful collaboration. Given the anticipated pool of local and global researchers, we are expecting an intellectually stimulating, inspirational, thought provoking and highly interactive event.



Afrillennials Present Specific Challenges to Today’s Managers

Publish date:2017-04-24

At a recent Raizcorp presentation at Henley Business School Africa, Ronen Aires, CEO and founder of Student Village, discussed the topic of Millennials or as he describes them, Afrillennials.

Mr Aires founded Student Village to create a bridge between students and businesses. Through this endeavour he says he has learnt much about the Afrillennial generation, much of which is important for business leaders to grasp to successfully grow Millennials as employees.



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