Supdeco 2019 Graduation Ceremony – 21st and 22nd Promotions

Bright and committed students. Inspiring sponsors and guests of honour. Parents overflowing with pride.
2000 guests gathered at #CICAD on June 15, 2019 for the Graduation Ceremony for the 21st and 22nd Classes and to accompany our students on the first day of the rest of their lives.
The recipients of the two graduating classes of approximately eight hundred students from more than 25 nationalities, had the honour of having as sponsors, respectively, Mr Youga SOW, President and CEO – SOCOCIM and Mr Maleye Faye, President and CEO of the Bank of Abidjan.

This ceremony was enlivened by the presence of several leading figures from the management world in Senegal. It was noted that the representative of the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Amadou Abdoul Sow, who is also Director General of Higher Education, Pape Madické Diop, CEO of Bem Dakar, along with the Group’s Chairman and CEO, Aboubacar Sédikhe Sy, also attended the ceremony.
She was very emotional. The CEO of the Supdeco group, Aboubacar Sédikhe Sy, could not contain his emotion. “Too moved, he addressed the recipients as both a trainer and a father. According to him, the latter have a “heavy responsibility” towards their school as well as their parents. Thus, he invited the recipients to “give change to parents” who, for him, “do not always have the means they need to pay for their children’s education”.

Congratulations to our valiant graduates and best wishes to future graduates.
Now #Alumni, they have joined the community of 15,000 Supdeco Group graduates.

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