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Blended Learning at USB

A classroom in a class of its own


Navigate uncertainty

You are living in an ever-changing world, moving rapidly into an increasingly uncertain future. In order to thrive in your industry, your resilience and ability to adapt are vital. The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) has developed a multitude of ways to help you keep learning and progressing through these unprecedented times. One of the most relevant and exciting ways to stay on course towards career and academic success, is through our business school’s Blended Learning format – offered on the majority of our programmes for 2021.


Life is blended

You watch tutorials online to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. You order meals via an app for lunch to enjoy with your family at home. Your life is already a mix of online and real-world interactions and experiences – so why can’t your learning be?

With USB’s Blended Learning format, you can attend class on campus, or remotely via an internet-linked device. It doesn’t matter if you’re there in person, logging in from home or joining from another continent – you can still enjoy the high level of interaction with USB lecturers and acquire the crucial business skills you need to lead responsibly in an uncertain world.


Designed by people, for people

At USB, we understand the importance of human connection. That’s why our classes have been expertly designed for a life-like multimedia learning experience. In the physical classroom, lecturers and students can see each other, with all remote students’ faces on screen and/or on the classroom wall. Lecturers can talk directly to each student, and students can interact with both the lecturer and each other.


Committed to premium learning

Since 2015, USB has been investing in advanced technology and perfecting our methodologies to ensure that our Blended Learning experience is cutting edge, personalised and that our students get the best education possible – however they decide to learn.

Not only are our lecturers some of the top experts in their field, they’ve also been trained in the art of virtual teaching. Through harnessing their expertise, implementing world-class learning designs and technology, USB’s Blended Learning experience is immersive, inclusive and highly interactive.


Continue your career

It is now more important than ever to keep learning. USB’s programmes are particularly suited to help you unlock the skills you need to navigate this new world, reinvent your business and rebuild the economy.

Find the perfect USB Blended Learning programme for you today.

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