[Virtual event] Digital transformation imperatives for higher education

Date: Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Time: 9am – 10.30am

According to UNESCO (2020) globally, over one billion learners have been impacted by COVID-19, with South Africa having the fourth largest number of learners affected by the pandemic in Africa. This has resulted in rethinking almost everything we do, from working to learning. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital agility agenda of higher education around the world. Universities and academic institutions are having to re-think and embrace digital technologies in creating sustainable solutions for students, communities, stakeholders and academics. This will have a significant impact on the manner in which higher education institutions in South Africa operate and strategise moving forward.


Join us for an informative, interactive and industry-specific session at which we’ll discuss digital transformation imperatives for higher education. The 90-minute session will include a panel discussion.

Read more about our panelists and topics for discussion here!