Welcome to our new Associate – Henley Business School

Founded in 1945, Henley is one of the oldest business schools in the UK and part of the University of Reading. They are also among an elite group of business schools to be triple-accredited for the quality and capability of their faculty and output.

They aim to empower individuals to become great professionals and outstanding business leaders who think with clarity and act with confidence and conviction.

They always seek to improve upon everything they do and be recognised for:

  • Being a truly international business school
  • The excellence of its learning experience
  • World-class research and thinking
  • Their sense of community and responsibility
  • The strength of its networks
  • The breadth and depth of its relationships with industry

Henley Business School is already a truly African Business School through its highly regarded campus in South Africa. Joining AABS is firmly within the context of Henley’s new developments in West and East Africa. Their framework for the future is that of a World Class Business School with genuine African DNA embedded into the heart of its activities. Their project is sustained by two pillars: 1) Accompany Africa as it unlocks its main asset – Talent and 2) Embed Africa into their entire curriculum. Indeed, in this fast changing world, facing “steady disruption”, Henley has long recognised the values and innovation that can be learned from Africa. These in turn can refresh leadership and management models for a better and more sustainable world.

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