Welcome to our new Associate – Montpellier Business School

Founded in 1897 by the Montpellier Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Montpellier Business School was built on two pillars:

Academic quality and an unwavering commitment to its values: ethics, openness and diversity, global responsibility and performance.

Today more than ever, Montpellier Business School is distinguished by its convictions: the conviction that diversity in all its forms is a wealth and strength for society as well as for companies. And that the lasting success of any company depends on the consideration of its economic, societal and environmental performance.

We believe in an open world where all talents can express their full potential, regardless of their social, cultural, geographic, gender or sexual orientation. We believe that studying in this diverse community is an additional strength for each of the individuals who are part of it. This is why Montpellier Business School brings together students from all social classes and nearly 80 countries.

We believe that the biggest challenge for companies will be the sustainable, responsible and eco-responsible transformation of their strategy. This is why the themes of CSR and sustainable development are at the heart of our research activities and are taught transversally in all our programs. This unique approach aims to train managers and entrepreneurs able to manage the financial, social, societal and environmental performance of their company.

Choosing Montpellier Business School is choosing to become a responsible manager in a changing world.