[Wits Business School] Webinar: The story behind one of the biggest farming successes in South Africa’s history

A family tomato farm started more than 110 years ago in Limpopo, ZZ2 is now a farming conglomerate which produces and exports not only the familiar “brand” of tomatoes but also onions, mangoes, avocadoes, blueberries and dates, among others.

But ZZ2 is not a traditional farming operation: it runs on an “open system” management model which integrates all its stakeholders in a hive of activities which extend from packaging and marketing to horticulture, logistics, engineering and IT. ZZ2 also has interests in other vertically and horizontally integrated businesses, such as insectaries and nature conservation areas, all of which aim to ensure community development and environmental sustainability.

From an old-school farm to a conglomerate which embraces the principles of innovation and entrepreneurship, the story of ZZ2 is an inspirational one.

Please join us for a conversation with Chief Executive of ZZ2 Tommie van Zyl, hosted by Interim Head of School Jannie Rossouw. Van Zyl will chat about his leadership philosophy, how he has created a “living company” as well as the impact on COVID-19 on ZZ2, the lessons he has learnt and his views on the future of farming in South Africa.

Not to be missed!

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