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AABS Pilots Accreditation for African Business Schools

Publish date:2017-03-14

The Association of African Business Schools (AABS) has launched a pilot accreditation programme to benchmark the provision of high-quality management education in Africa.  

The AABS Accreditation is a unique system whose standards are underpinned by African contexts, thereby making it relevant to business schools in the continent. The accreditation standards will be at par with other globally recognised accreditation systems that business schools currently aspire to attain.

The accreditation standards cover all aspects of a business school’s operations including its mission, strategy, faculty, students, facilities, programmes and research.  Its key distinguishing factor is its focus on the relevance of schools’ programmes, and the level of meaningful impact schools are making in society.

The AABS accreditation is open to all AABS member schools.

In this pilot, members are encouraged to complete the application form and submit a self-evaluation report (SER) by April 28.

Data from self-evaluation reports submitted will be used to determine the AABS accreditation benchmarks.

To support the rollout, AABS will cover the cost of flights for the AABS Accreditation Team’s school visit for the first six schools to submit their SERs by April 28. These schools will also have to confirm their readiness for a visit to their schools by the AABS team by June 30. 

School visits are scheduled to take place during the second half of 2017. Schools will be expected to cover other costs related to the Accreditation Team’s visit.

For more information on the AABS accreditation process, please write to the AABS Member Services Manager, Joan Egwuterai at joan@aabschools.com



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